The Best Wool Club

The Best Wool Club was organised in January 1985 by 8 futon manufacturers.

In 1985, there were 110 futon manufacturers licensed the Woolmark and their annual wool consumption was nearly 6,500 tonnes ( approximately 2 million pieces of futons ) and further increase was expected.

Under the above circumstances, many futon manufacturers aggressively installed the steam & dry process which was developed by the IWS to produce the quality products.

It was required to supply good quality futons with reasonable prices to consumers for the further expansion of the market.

Amongst those manufacturers who installed the steam & dry machineries, 8 of them organised the club to exchange the information and opinions to develop and improve the process to produce better quality products.

The name of ‘The Best Wool Club’ means the club of manufacturers who produce the best quality wool futons.

The steam & dry process is to apply high temperature steam to the carded wool web to relax the tension given during the carding process and to regain and increase the bulkiness, resilience and high retention properties of the web required as for futon fill.

The relaxed carded web next goes into the high temperature dryer to be set the given performances.

The steam & dry process is a key to make the best use of wool properties for the production of high quality wool futons.

Now the Best Wool Club consists of 7 futon manufacturer members and 3 wool supplier supporting members.

All the member manufacturers facilitate the high performance steam & dry machineries to produce and supply the quality wool futons to consumers.